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We are the ASLEF  Train Drivers of Farnham Depot
Located on the busy Waterloo to Alton Line in the commuter belt of leafy Surrey.

The depot was established as part of the 1937 Portsmouth Electrification program by the Southern Railway
At present , we operate class 450, 444, 455, 458/9 and 456 electric multiple units and soon the new class 707 on South West Trains services in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and South West London.

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 Railway Pension

The agreed position regarding changes to the Railway Pension Scheme due to the cessation of contracting out 

 Landslip Wrecclesham

Stephen Lewis will be joining the driving team at Virgin Trains East Coast next February. He will be based in Edinburgh driving the new Virgin Azuma Trains reaching speeds of up to 125mph, with the potential for operation at 140mph! We wish Stephen our very best wishes for the future


Martin Warrick former Staff Rep at Farnham was overwhelmed with his card and ‘brown envelope’ that was presented to him by Shaun and Russ at the Departure Lounge’ Alton.Martin was the architect of the splendid roster we enjoy at Farnham, but unfortunately, due to ill health he has had to retire from the railway.

 Russ,  Martin,  Shaun and  Westie (RMS)

Beer & Badges Long Service Awards 2016
At the September Branch Meeting our E.C member Marz Colombine was invited to present Long Service Badges to members attaining 5, 10, 15 and 35 years sevice
5 years Simon Harris
5 years Jason Harris                 

5 years Doug Spring               
5 years Ashley Avis    

10 years Andy McNally (snr)

35 years Andy Cane

15 years Barry Kocan                
15 years Sue Kitching              
15 years Roy Manchester    
15 years Jason Esparaguera     
15 years Andy Smith         

35 years Kevin Foster              

Annual Leave

Dear fellow Farnham Drivers,

Over the past eight months we have had difficulties with CRO and Drivers leave with a failure to return Ad-Hoc application replies and especially with the failure to update the Drivers Annual Leave Rotation Roster after applications to change Leave periods.
After some very positive discussions with CRO we are confident that things will improve in these areas, however to help us keep up to date with things we urge all drivers that have changed their Annual leave period to leave a copy of the acknowledgement slip for the changeover, for the LDC.
This will enable us to keep the Annual leave rotation Roster up to date and prevent  misinformation resulting from an out of date leave sheet.

Yours Fraternally

Barry Foster  &   Russell Maton 

Beer & Badges Long Service Awards 2015

At our Branch Meeting on Thursday 17th September 2015  

we welcomed Graham Morris District 1 Organiser, who was invited to attend.

Graham kindly presented long service award badges and a retirement certificate to members of the branch.

Barry Foster receives his 45 year service badge from Graham.. Barry started on the railway in 1967 as a Box Boy in Guildford Signalbox, transferring to the Motive Power in1970 as a Secondman at Waterloo manning the steam heat boilers on the Warship Diesel Hydraulics.

Barry then transferred to Woking in 1974, driving Diesel Locomotives and Electric trains.

In 2001 Barry came to Farnham to join his brother, who is also a Driver. Incidentally, their Dad had been a Driver at Farnham for many years

Graham proudly presents Kerry Holton with his 25 year service badge.

Kerry originally started work on the railway in September 1979 as a Railman at Farnham, but left to follow another career venture. He managed to re-join the railway in 1987 as a Guard at Farnham. Then in 1988 under the train crew concept which gave guards the opportunity to become drivers.

Kerry joined ASLEF  in 1990 and started his training to become a driver.  Kerry was sent to the Waterloo Training School to start his training course on rules and traction with visits to Hither Green and Grove Park depots. He learnt routes with his instructor who lived in London, so London Bridge to Dartford was popular. After that, Kerry spent two weeks with Geoff Burch, a Senior Instructor at Waterloo, followed by a final day exam with Pete Wesley in Clapham yard  June 1991.  

Kerry completed his training and route learning with The Great Eric Gosney.  

Phil Cox is one of our early post privatisation Drivers  joining the railway in 2000.  He, like most of the post privatisation Drivers was thrown into the deep end not having any previous railway experience. To his credit and with much indefatigable studying, Phil quickly learnt the ropes and is now a driver instructor.

Steve West receives his retirement certificate and is promptly put out to graze after spending just short of 38 years on the railway.

Steve started work on the railway in 1977 as a Box Boy in Woking Signalbox, within a few months he transferred to the Motive Power Department as a Secondman at Woking.

He passed out for driving duties on Diesel Locomotives in 1981, transferring to London Bridge for promotion to Driver in 1983.

Steve then moved to Farnham in 1984 where he stayed until ill health force him to take early retirement.

Many thanks to Graham for giving up his time to spend with us and to make the presentations.

The following members were unable to attend but they also achieved a long service badge.  

Dave Pharro       5 Years
Shaun Hopper   10 Years 
Craig Gilbert      15 Years
Peter Logue      15 Years
Steve Denbigh   15 Years
Grahame Fenn   35 Years

Well Done Lads!

 Howard Kaye Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South West Surrey

He is also a train driver of 35 years.

Click on photo for more information

 Go West Young Man

 After almost 38 years  knocking the rust off South Western metals and a couple of months on the South Central at London Bridge

 Steve West has retired from the Railway

Warrick  on Sea

MartinWarrick has transferred to Fratton depot, down on the sunny south coast after 22 years as a Driver at Farnham.   Originally an Old Oak man, he came to Farnham when Reading (Southern) closed in 1993. 

Martin spent half of his career at Farnham working tirelessly on the LDC.                              

Quietly overseeing the introduction of the two link roster as the depot establishment increased, which caused no end of problems making sure the two rosters were fair for everyone.  Apart from all the other colossal work that being a Staff Rep involves, Martin  painstakingly drew up  five different rosters  during the last major roster change when the depot reverted back to one link which  gave each Driver a choice of work pattern.

Martin heads off to Pompey with much gratitude and our sincere best wishes.

 Driver Paul Wilcox

Our dear friend and fellow colleague Driver Paul Wilcox has with some reluctance taken early retirement from the railway. Paul joined South West Trains at the start of the twenty first century and immediately became

a popular and well liked character also a keen member of the ‘Sunday Fry Up Club’. Paul almost completed fifteen years driving when ill health forced him to retire. He is renovating his beautiful Gothic cottage.

In Memory of

 Doug Garnham

Tribute to

 Eric Gosney

Gentleman of the Railway

After a Life Time

 on the Railway

David Chucks in his Whistle 

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