In Memory of Doug Garnham

On a very cold February morning in Leatherhead, we said a far too early farewell to a great friend and  work colleague, Doug Garnham.
Doug came onto the railway quite late in life, in the mid-nineties   after numerous other  jobs
Including the Fire Service and the Police Force.
He began his driving career at Farnham in 2006 then shortly after he was diagnosed with asbestosis.
Doug was a very friendly and likable bloke, always cracking jokes with a cheery grin no mater what  time of day.
He was very much interested in history especially the Second World War and local history around the Epsom and Leatherhead area.
Like most of the blokes here at Farnham Doug was a keen supporter of Chelsea Football Club and a group of his railway mates  went  with him  on a tour of Chelsea’s grounds at Stamford Bridge.
Doug had three grown up children Niki, Amy and Ben who paid a splendid tribute to their dad to a packed congregation at his funeral.
A drink was raised at ‘The Star’ Kingston Road Leatherhead to Doug,  a wonderful  bloke

 Doug Garnham  

31st January 1958 - 16th January 2015