Sample Rosters
Here are five sample Rest Day patens that have been drawn up by your L.D.C
Martin and Barry have worked
extremely hard to draw up these rosters.
Please take time to study each pattern and decide which pattern you prefer as you will be asked to vote on your choice.

The sample rosters on this page are just 16 Lines so that it is easier to compare.

There will be 72 lines on the main roster

Click on each one to see full size sample to return to this page click on full size samlple

Voting:  This vote is for members who belong to a Trade Union (Aslef  RMT ect) and is not about diagram content.

Voting Box will be in the Managers Office from Mon 23 Sep to Mon 07 October 2013

Any questions please contact your LDC Reps Barry and Martin  or the Roster Committee S Gardiner    M Webb   and  P Hamilton
Alternatively send an email Click Here

Your comments and idea’s will be much appreciated

Many thanks go to Anthony Richings for producing these pages 
Additional Information

Additional information kindly provided by Anthony Richings,

Shows listed against each of the sample roster the different combinations of Consecutive Working Days and Consecutive Free Day patterns that each Sample offers